Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Spring Break, Spring Broke

Hello, again. It's been almost two months since the last post and, like the previous post, there still isn't much new to report. It's our Spring Break on campus and we're staying home because we're so house poor that we can't afford to go anywhere. We did get the home equity line approved and funded but things are still going to be tight for the near future. Phase Two is definitely on hold.

We finally installed the shelves in the BBQ room and all but one of the transoms are up so we're about 99% done with Phase One. Last week John delivered the new mantle for the BBQ room and, like everything else he's built, it's really beautiful. We've spent the last few weeks filling the shelves with books and art, and we're very happy with how everything turned out.

So with the week off and nothing but grading that has to be done, we're using our staycation to do a little cleaning up around the place and some gardening. It's been unseasonably warm the last few weeks with one day even in the low 90s. We've gotten to the part of the year where we now leave the front door open all day until we go to bed. And we're spending a lot more time outside. The collard and lettuce greens, kale, basil and tomatoes have all been planted. And we're already enjoying salad greens fresh from the garden.

Note the new gate at the top of the stairs. Maybe we'll get around to painting the guest house door in the next day or two. Orange, teal or chartreuse?

The former Palm Springs outdoor furniture is fitting right in on the new deck.

The transom doors were crafted by John Laughton in the same materials used for the cabinetry. They are a huge improvement over the painted plywood panels that used to be there.

Finally got around to putting a mirror up in the guest house bath. The shower curtain is temporary, eventually we'll be installing a glass shower door.

Eventually, we're going to frame the planters with the corrugated metal sheeting Mike gave us. That'll probably be a summer project...

We found this print on eBay last year. We love how it combines two of our favorite things: northwestern Native American art and MCM classic furniture.

Lovin' the new mantle…

With the warmer weather and longer days, the chickens are in full production mode, back to about two dozen eggs a week. And the citrus trees are about to bloom….

We'll leave you with one last picture of Spring, the Salinas Valley down below Steinback Mountain.

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  1. wow...hadn't checked your blog site for awhile! Nice update, and I would choose Orange for the guest house door....the place looks great especially now that you have loaded all of the shelves and hung the pictures and artwork
    Nice job guys!...don't rush into the next phase too soon...breathe in the sweet smell of a very successful project and enjoy it for a bit!