Sunday, July 19, 2015


Hello, again. Remember us?
It's been four months since the last post and it's been really hard to get back into writing.

Besides nothing much going on with the renovation, we lost another family member to cancer. In April, Kevin's sister Molly died from breast cancer. She fought the disease for 30 months and died two weeks before her 49th birthday. We miss her so much….

Over four hundred people joined us in Sonoma on her birthday to celebrate her life and everyone left the event with packets of sunflowers, Molly's favorite flower. We've planted some on Steinback Mountain and will post pictures when they start blooming.

Cancer sucks. And life does go on even without Chip's father and Kevin's sister. In between the tears we try to remember the love and laughter these two shared with us and so many others.

Orange is the new black, door! 
Phase 1 is now officially over. We've paid the contractor in full a few weeks ago and today we finally got around to painting the bathroom door and the exterior door of the guest house.

The orange is a Clark + Kensington paint called "Carnivale in Brazil" and it definitely makes a statement. We also painted the planter next to the door another 50s standby, aqua. It used to be pink but there was no way the pink could compete with the orange.

We're not sure when Phase 2 is going to start. 2016? 2017? We've got all of the materials in storage including all of the tile and finished cabinetry. We just need to "build" the bank account back up. We'll keep you posted….


  1. I can tell from the photo of Molly that she was a wonderful person. She seemed to radiate sweetness and kindness. I am sure she will be missed by many. You have my sincere condolences.

    The guest house looks fantastic! I love the door color, and the planter looks great in its new color too. I'm eager to see what you do next, but I definitely understand doing it in phases.

    We've been putting all our money into undoing all the damage the former owners did to the interior of our new house when they flipped it. That's almost done. Then we'll start saving to build a new secondary suite for me. We're in the same boat you are.

  2. Chip and Kevin....heard from Mom that you had recently posted to this Blog and just read it...Boy do we miss Moll :-(
    Love the colors of the door and planter!