Thursday, December 18, 2014

Deer friends, we're "done"

Today was a big day. We're so close to being done with phase one and today we kind of had to be. We're refinancing the house to pay for the renovation and our bank, a month or so after we applied for the loan, informed us that they we're not going to fund the loan until phase one was finished. That news made things a little scary for a few weeks. Okay, a lot scary….

At exactly 8:30 this morning, the Bank of America appraiser returned to verify that we were, indeed, done. But were we really done?

When Dave, Scott, and the plumber left last night, at least two hours later than they usually leave, they were no way close to being done. Well, Dave and Scott were mostly done, but the plumber still had to complete the installation of the two water heaters in the BBQ room. And there was a lot to clean up.

Thankfully, Dave arrived this morning at 7. Shortly after, Mike and Adam appeared. The three of them quickly got to cleaning and by the time the appraiser arrived, the place was quite presentable. The appraiser assured us that the project only had to be "done enough." He took some exterior pictures, then photographed the BBQ room and guest house. He seemed content that we were where we needed to be, and after no more than 15 minutes on site, he shook our hands and drove away.

Dave left about an hour later. Then Mike left. Keith continued working on the water heaters and Adam vacuumed and mopped the floors. By noon, everyone was gone. So are we done? Apparently, done enough!

The electrical is, in fact, done.

The plumbing is, as of today, done.

The tile work is done except that we're getting a loud and obnoxious humming sound from the floor heating system in the BBQ room. Mark has been called and he assured Mike that it will get resolved soon.

The BBQ room still needs the refrigerator which we plan to purchase in January. The shelves still need to get installed. That, too, should happen in January. Other than that, it's done.

The guest house is done except for the shower door. That will probably happen in January, too.

There's still some touch-up painting to do. Yep, January.

So what to do now that the construction site is no longer a construction site? What to do with all this quiet? It's time to do some grading. That has to be done by January….

So, deer friends, it's time to take a break and enjoy the last few photos for a while. We're done, at least for now….


  1. Congratulations guys!...can't wait to see it in nice it must be to have this phase 99% done and the property not a construction zone for awhile!...enjoy the holidays noise and dust free!

  2. Simply gorgeous! I know you must be thrilled to have quiet and privacy for a change. At least for a while...

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